MS-DNC Propagandist Rachel Maddow Invites Guest On to Discuss How to Destroy Republicans in Future Elections


On Monday evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spent an entire segment of The Rachel Maddow Show promulgating the need to replace Republicans with progressive, far-left Democrats. Maddow invited on Amanda Litman, a co-founder and executive director of Run For Something, to discuss the importance of challenging and ousting any Trump-supporting conservative.

Maddow prefaced the segment and introduced Litman, by expressing her dismay and disgust over the fact that at least 57 Republican elected officials from across the country exercised their First Amendment right and attended President Trump’s rally on January 6. According to Maddow and her guest, those 57 individuals were complicit in the protest-turned-riot that occurred at the United States Capitol. As a result, it is incumbent that they be defeated and replaced by a progressive Democrat as soon as possible.

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