Media Dust Off Trump Impeachment Playbook for Virus Crisis


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The liberal media were proving themselves to be a one-trick pony. In recent days, dating back to late last month, members of the liberal media blew the dust off their impeachment playbook as they attacked President Trump for alleged inaction against the coronavirus. With phrases such as “constitutional crisis,” “cover-up,” and the ridiculous “the walls are closing in” shtick creeping back into their vocabulary, it was clear they really had nothing original to say.

CNN White House correspondent and anti-Trump hack, John Harwood was one of the first to fall back into their old routine. In a CNN Tonight appearance on March 27, he busted out their embarrassing “the walls are closing in” mantra.

Harwood began by suggesting, without evidence, that Trump was feeling “afraid” about what was going on with the virus and the economy. He added that the virus had “exposed his lack of interests and aptitude for governing,” and chided how “He skated by for more than three years without a serious crisis as president. Now one is upon him. The response has been widely condemned by people across the political spectrum. And so, in multiple ways, the walls are closing in.


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