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Looking at ‘Context’: MTP Panel Says Biden’s Lies Make Him ‘Reaganesque’


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It wasn’t just ABC stepping in to defend former Vice President Joe Biden from the false war story he was peddling at campaign events. During Sunday’s Meet the Press panel on NBC, the mostly liberal panel swooped in on Biden’s behalf to argue that President Trump’s lies were insidious, while the former VP’s were about American heroism. The panel demanded context be considered, while suggesting Biden’s falsehoods made him look like former President Ronald Reagan.

Former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson wanted everyone to “give Joe a break” because he’s “a storyteller. He makes his points through anecdotes, through stories. And he's probably thinking let's not get the small details in the way of a very powerful story. And so, I'd give him a break on this.”

“And apparently the person on whom he pinned the medal acknowledged that he actually got the medal,” he added. Except, there was the fact that Biden was talking about the wrong guy and the wrong kind of medal and the wrong place. But who keeps track of facts?

Johnson then suggested Biden’s falsehoods were fine because “the point he's trying to make is not self-aggrandizement, it’s simply to demonstrate the heroism of the men and women in our U.S. military, which is a totally valid point.”


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