Illegal Tells Fox News They Didn’t Hear Kamala’s Message 'Don't Come'


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Vice President Kamala Harris drew ridicule during her trip to Central America last week when in Guatemala she stood before the press and told residents “don’t come” to the United States, despite the Biden administration welcoming them in any way. Well, according to a Fox News Channel report Wednesday evening, the people making the trip aren’t hearing her.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin was reporting from the Reo Grange Valley when he shared a story on Special Report about he had ran into a large group of illegal immigrants from Ecuador. “Some of the migrants told me they never heard Kamala Harris' message to them,” he recalled before playing a soundbite of their interaction:

MELUGIN (In Spanish to man): You didn’t hear the message from Kamala Harris to not come here to the border?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN (In Spanish): No, we didn’t hear. We didn’t hear anything.


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