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Hannity Slams Media Coverage of Epstein, Their Attempts to Tie Him to President Trump


Fox News host Sean Hannity devoted part of his opening monologue Monday night to scorching the media's coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein case. Hannity cited the Epstein case as an example of the media using "any and everything to smear this President." The Fox News host explained that Epstein, a wealthy financier, "had ties to many Democratic politicians and celebrities, including big ties to...Bill Clinton, who took very many trips on Epstein's private plane" known as the Lolita Express. Hannity reminded the audience that he covered the Epstein case and Clinton's ties to it "extensively well before the 2016 election" in contrast with "the rest of the media" who "didn't ask any questions" because "they wanted to help Hillary at all costs." According to Hannity, "only now, the mainstream media is interested because Epstein once had ties to President Trump through social events at Mar-a-Lago." Hannity proceeded to slam the media for their bias by omission: "what the media's not telling you tonight is that Trump severed all ties with Epstein. Look at the court documents...and banned him from Mar-a-Lago years ago." Hannity added that "Trump was reportedly cooperative in the 2008 case against Epstein" before predicting that nonetheless, "the media will use the sick, disgusting crimes of this guy to attack the President."

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