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Cuomo Urges Republicans to 'Muscle Up' and Vote Against Emergency Declaration, Refers to Fox News as 'State TV'


CNN's Chris Cuomo closed the first hour of his show, Cuomo Prime Time, Monday night by urging the GOP to "muscle up and vote against an emergency declaration that they can argue is not in keeping with the statute at play and that is a huge insult to their long stated notion of separation of powers." Cuomo also complained that only four Republican Senators have announced their intention to vote with Democrats in expressing disapproval of the national emergency, asking "why isn't that four four times that?" Cuomo later asserted "I'm not telling anybody what to do, that's the job for the jobs over on state TV, you know, the ones who do tell the President and his pawns what to do and they listen and follow it." Cuomo also complained that "we can't get 67 percent of the House and Senate to agree about separation of powers." Cuomo didn't seem to care that much about the separation of powers during the Obama administration. During an interview with Republican Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart last year, Cuomo argued that President Obama had to issue the executive order on DACA because the GOP did "nothing." 

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