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Colbert Praises Kamala Harris as 'The True Star of the Barr Bashin''


The Late Show host Stephen Colbert devoted his opening monologue Wednesday night to trashing Attorney General Bill Barr. Colbert closed his opening monologue by commending Senate Democrats for their questioning of Barr; beginning with Senator Mazie Hirono; praising her for taking whacks at Barr's "piñata of perjury." During her remarks, Hirono listed Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway as "people who sacrificed their once decent reputation" for President Trump. Before praising Hirono again for "tearing into Barr," Colbert took issue with part of her statement: "Madame, how dare you imply that Kellyanne Conway ever had a decent reputation. Wrong!" Colbert proceeded to praise Senator Kamala Harris as "the true star of the Barr bashin.'" 

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