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CNN's Acosta Compares Trump to Kim Jong-un, Says He Thinks White House Gets 'Confused Over Who the Supreme Leader Is'


On Sunday, CNN's Reliable Sources devoted an entire segment to whining about President Trump's treatment of the press corps during his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Vietnam. CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta talked about how "sensitivities" surrounding Kim Jong-un led White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to only allow photographers, not reporters, into a pool spray at a dinner between Trump and the North Korean dictator.  He later suggested that "it sounds like those sensitivities were more with the President than with Kim Jong-un," adding "I just think sometimes here at the White House, they get confused over who the Supreme Leader is."  When Stelter praised the "historic" occasion of Kim Jong-un actually answering a question from a reporter, Acosta quipped "that was probably more questions taken by Kim Jong-un than Sarah Sanders has taken from the White House press corps in some time." 

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