CBS’s Paula Reid Ghoulishly Touts Body Bags Left Outside Trump Hotel


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Possibly still raging from when her heated outburst during a coronavirus press briefing was shot down by President Trump last week, CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid flashed her hatred for the President during Thursday’s CBS Evening News. She kicked off the video portion of her report by boasting about how radical leftist protesters had left a pile of “empty body bags” outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

The direction Reid had taken with her report was obvious from the beginning. Bitterness was radiating in her voice as she declared: “[T]he Trump administration continues to send out mixed messages, new CBS News polling shows more Americans are looking to their state governors for guidance on what to do as top White House officials can't even agree on basic facts!

As her report began to play, Reid immediately boasted about the ghoulish display. “Empty body bags dumped outside the Trump Hotel this evening, a morbid protest of the President's response to the coronavirus. A new CBS News poll reveals Mr. Trump's decision making is being called into question,” she touted.

No other broadcast evening newscast reported on the body bags.


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