CBS’s Cuomo Flirt, Jane Pauley Ignored His Sexual Harassment Scandals


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Late last June, CBS Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley acted like a schoolgirl by openly flirting with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) during an interview, gushing about him being an eligible bachelor. But on February 28, 2021, after The New York Times reported on a second former aide accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment, Pauley ignored the allegations completely. Meanwhile, inconsistencies abound in the reports from ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Sunday Today.

While Pauley was ignoring Cuomo’s scandals, she did have a report about alleged sexual harassment at McDonald’s. And although, Sunday Morning wasn’t a normal newscast – preferring to have long-form interest pieces – they did tend to have small news segments for important stories. Apparently, Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct didn’t meet their bar.

But on GMA, co-anchor Eva Pilgrim was obviously disappointed that they needed to report a negative story about Cuomo, the liberal media’s golden COVID cafe.

“Well, now to a report of a new sexual harassment allegation against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The New York Times saying a second former Cuomo aide has now come forward,” Pilgrim lamented as the story was handed off to correspondent Stephanie Ramos.


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