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Camerota Asks Tlaib: 'Do You Regret Apologizing To Congressman Meadows?'


Less than 24 hours after an extremely heated exchange with Republican Congressman Mark Meadows during Michael Cohen's testimony to the House Oversight Committee, Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib appeared on CNN's New Day Thursday.  She discussed what transpired on Capitol Hill the previous day, where Tlaib criticized Meadows's decision to bring in longtime Trump associate, Lynne Patton, as a character witness for President Trump.  Tlaib referred to the African-American Patton as a "prop," arguing that the decision to bring her before the committee was a racist act. Meadows took issue with Tlaib's choice of words, objecting to her apparent characterization of him as a racist.  Tlaib later tried to make it clear that she did not view Meadows as a racist. Co-host Aliysn Camerota argued that "there were people at home that felt that that was tone deaf and insensitive of Congressman Mark Meadows" before asking Tlaib "why did you feel the need to apologize to him?" Tlaib didn't really answer the question, instead choosing to speak about how important it was for her to "speak truth to power." Camerota once again asked Tlaib "do you regret apologizing to Congressman Meadows?" Tlaib responded by acknowledging that she apologized "if it made him feel like I was calling him a racist," adding "if I wanted to...I'm pretty direct. I would have done that." 

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