After Belgium Attacks, NBC Warns of ‘Rise of the Right Wing’ in Europe


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<p>During NBC&rsquo;s breaking news coverage of the terrorist attacks in Belgium Tuesday morning, correspondents Andrea Mitchell and Richard Engel wasted no time warning of the &ldquo;rise of the right wing&rdquo; throughout Europe in response to such attacks.</p>

<p>In a special report just before 7 a.m. ET, Mitchell worried: <strong>&ldquo;This is going to have big implications for the migration crisis in Germany and elsewhere because there is a popular notion that migrants are somehow connected with the terror threat.</strong> Whether or not that&#39;s true, that is the reality.&rdquo; She added: <strong>&ldquo;And there has been most recently last week in Germany, a bad election for Angela Merkel with the right-wing parties gaining strength...&rdquo;</strong></p>

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