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ABC's 'World News Tonight' Finally Ends Midterm Blackout


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<p>After failing to mention the upcoming midterm election a single time since he took over the anchor desk of ABC&#39;s <em>World News Tonight</em> on September 1, on Monday, David Muir finally informed viewers that a political contest with &quot;enormous&quot; stakes was just days away: <strong>&quot;The countdown is on, this evening, to the midterm elections tonight. Your voice, your vote. Just eight days to go before this election. The stakes? Enormous.</strong> President Obama, already battling with a Republican House, will he soon face a Republican Senate?&quot;</p>

<p>It had been 137 days since the ABC evening newscast had made any mention of the 2014 midterms. The last story on the campaign occurred on June 11, when Muir &ndash; coincidentally filling in for then-<em>World News</em> anchor Diane Sawyer &ndash; reported on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor losing his Virginia congressional primary to candidate Dave Brat.</p>

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