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ABC Gives 17 seconds to Antifa Violence, Ignores Journo With Brain Injury


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Portland, Oregon police allowed the domestic terrorist group known as Antifa to prowl their streets on Saturday were they clashed with purported “right-wing” protesters and assaulted the press. Despite putting one journalist in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage, ABC’s Good Morning America couldn’t be bothered to give the story more than 17 seconds and no mention of the journalist. NBC’s Sunday Today ignored the story altogether.

It’s really no surprise NBC would ignore this Antifa attack because they refused to report on the attack against their own reporter and crew. All ABC could muster was a news brief from co-anchor Whit Johnson:

In Portland, Oregon, violence in the streets as fights broke out among right-wing and left-wing protesters staging competing demonstrations. Several injuries were reported. Police used social media to declare the situation a civil disturbance. Three people were arrested on assault and harassment charges.

In reality, Quillette editor and frequent Antifa target Andy Ngo was brutally beaten and had a “cement” milkshake thrown at him.


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