Farrakhan to Detroit Crowd: 'I Don't Answer to No Cracker'


(Image: The Detroit News/Clarence Tabb, Jr.)

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed a crowd of thousands this past Sunday inside the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Mich.

In his speech Farrakhan stated, “I don’t answer to no cracker.”

Every year, Farrakhan makes a speech in Detroit to commemorate the birthday of Nation of Islam founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad, who was born on Feb. 26, 1877. The subject of this year's speech was rebuilding Detroit through black unity. 

As reported by the Detroit Free Press, Farrakhan was also not shy addressing the meeting he had with Detroit Police Chief James Craig. He said he told Craig in the meeting:

All of the rogue cops are found in the ghettos, so we're going to help you, we're going to find them and point them out. We're not going to kill them, but we're going to give you a chance to take them off the streets, bust them and try them and sentence them.

Thank you for being so gracious in not killing the police officers before they are questioned in an investigation, Mr. Farrakhan.

However, in a strange turn of events, Farrakhan was critical of the Democratic Party:

You have made no progress under Democrats. I don't know why you're such a slave. Figure out what did they do for you, when what you have given to the Democratic Party.

Also, in the wake of multiple police departments around the country refusing to offer security to Beyoncé at her concerts, Farrakhan said the Fruits of Islam would offer their services.

Fruits of Islam (FOI) is the security arm of the Nation of Islam.

In his loving speech, Farrakhan even attacked other Muslims.

Don't treat us like we're not real Muslims. We're not going to let no terrorist come here with it. They want to blow up some tunnel and we in it. American people in it[...]We hear you talking that crap. This is ours and we don't want all of you coming in and messing it up. You're such a little punk with your little home-made bombs.

Farrakhan kept saying that he was free, although we’re not really sure who has kept him down in his privileged public life.

I’m the freest black man in the world. I don't answer to no cracker. I don't answer to no Mecca or Medina or Rome. I'm a free black man. I'm free because they can't buy me.

As for his "cracker" remark, the Saltine representatives were unavailable for comment. 

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