What Polls are Saying You Should Get Dad for Father's Day This Year

Tyler McNally | June 19, 2015
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Ties and gadgets have been the norm for Father's Day gift for years, but some polls suggest that the times may have changed.

Polls are to be taken with a grain of salt, depending who is taking the poll and the intended target audience. In this case, Ebates, "the pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping," believes that fathers want nearly the exact opposite of what family members believe fathers want.

"Last year, high-tech items like laptops and tablets topped dads’ gift lists, but this year it seems like most dads want to update their wardrobes," said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Ebates.

Their polling suggest that nearly 75 per cent of fathers want to spend it with their family, mostly doing some sort of cooking or grilling activity.

While they may be onto something in regards to the polling, Ebates wants customers to use their service to buy Father's Day gifts, as is their right as a business.

Other polls, such as an IGP Mediabrands poll, suggest that fathers would rather spend the day with family than receive a gift (56 per cent).

All polls will change, depending on who is asking the questions and who is answering the questions, as pointed out by CNBC. The polls are geared toward helping a company's business and brand, so they're looking for responses that will help them as a business.

That said, while many of the responses are not the same, there are constants. Fathers love time with family to do things, from cooking to adventures and traveling.

Most importantly, ties are usually not the most important gift for Father's Day this year. Look for something that he can appreciate and enjoy.

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