'We Have No More Room': 'Sanctuary' NYC Mayor Pleads For Help Amid Migrant Influx

Sarah Merly | July 21, 2023
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During a Wednesday press conference, NYC Mayor Eric Adams admitted defeat to the immigrant bussing policies of Texas and Florida.

For over a year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have shipped illegal immigrants from the southern border to places like New York City and Chicago. This policy keeps their states free–and shows the liberal states the tangible, difficult results of leftism. 

Now, Adams has finally called for help.

“We stated several months ago that we have reached full capacity, and that full capacity was verbalized, and now New York is just going to be visually actualized,” Adams claimed. “We’re going to see how much of our cup has basically runneth over. We have no more room in the city, and we need help.”

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As a result, Adams is calling upon the state and federal governments for assistance, blaming them for leaving New York City helpless.

“This cannot continue, is not sustainable, and we’re not going to pretend as though it is sustainable,” Adams declared. “This is wrong that New York City is carrying the weight of a national problem.”

Adams followed up his plea for help with unflattering words for Abbott.

“Unlike Texas, where Governor Abbott is ordering troops to push migrant children into the Rio Grande and deny asylum seekers drinking water, our city has continued to respond with humanity and compassion," he accused.

Here’s hoping that the immigrant influx will help leftist states realize that America is, indeed, the best country on Earth – and we need to secure our borders to keep it that way.

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