The Washington Post Celebrates Illegal Abortion Pill Distribution

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | July 21, 2023
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On Wednesday, The Washington Post (WaPo) celebrated one woman’s favorite pastime - sending abortion pills through the mail to states that are pro-life. 

A new procedure was adopted in recent months allowing U.S. medical professionals to mail abortion pills directly to patients who live in states with pro-life laws. WaPo highlighted one doctor who took advantage of this and has been single-handedly facilitating dozens of abortions.

The Europe-based Aid Access abortion pill provider used to only be permitted when Europe-based doctors would send the pills internationally to the states. Those pills would typically go from India to California and then would be mailed to women to abort their kids. That process would take a hefty amount of time. But now, as WaPo celebrated, Aid Access is available in the states and speeds up the distribution process. 

U.S. doctors or medical professionals get large shipments of the abortion pills and then they separate them out, label them and mail them to various individuals seeking abortion, particularly those in states where they can't access abortion pills themselves. 

How do they do this without getting into legal trouble? Great question. 

There are currently five states in the U.S. - New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont and Colorado - who have “shield” laws that protect them from pro-life states who don’t permit telemedicine abortions. 

In layman's terms, if a distributor lives in a state with “shield” laws, those providers are protected from any legal action that pro-life states would enact on them as long as the mailing provider stays within his or her home state. 

So, a New York based doctor can skirt their way around the law in order to mail abortion pills to a woman in Texas who wants to kill her kid. 

“Texas might say I’m breaking their laws, but I don’t live in Texas,” the doctor in the article said. 

This sort of undermining of laws does seem, however, to be a way of breaking them, but WaPo didn’t seem to care.

“The development tees up a complicated interstate battle where doctors on U.S. soil are empowered to legally circumvent abortion laws — allowing blue states to potentially undermine the red state bans that many Republicans hoped would end abortion within their borders,” the article read.

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WaPo did mention, though, that lawyers are concerned these doctors could face repercussions in the future.

“At a minimum, some experts said, the question of legal peril could wind up in a gray area ultimately resolved by the courts, such as whether shield-law states have the power to block other states from extraditing people charged with crimes,” the piece read, but WaPo seemed more concerned with the “benefits” of doctors like the one highlighted. 

Here’s how excited WaPo was about the news:

In less than a month, seven U.S.-based providers affiliated with Aid Access — including the Hudson Valley doctor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she was concerned for her safety — have mailed 3,500 doses of abortion pills to people in antiabortion states, according to Aid Access, putting just this small group alone on track to help facilitate at least 42,000 abortions in restricted states over the next year. If more doctors and nurses sign up, as current providers hope they will, the numbers could climb far higher.

Geez! Seems a little demonic to be that excited for baby deaths!

Another red flag from WaPo was when the author suggested that abortion pills could be used late in pregnancy, past when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorses their use. It even mentioned that women who take these pills later in pregnancy pass a “recognizable fetus.” God forbid they look down at the little baby they just killed and call it a baby. 

The WaPo piece signaled just how pro-death both WaPo and these “doctors” are. They’re worried more about killing babies than about saving life and their true colors are clear as day.


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