WATCH: Warren Says She'll Stop Global Warming With ‘Racial Justice’

Eric Scheiner | December 5, 2019

Politicians often make promises. Recently in Iowa Sen. Elizabeth Warren made some interesting ones. She told her supporters she'll stop global warming and, if elected president, wear a Planned Parenthood scarf to promote baby killing.

Anyone that has concerns about the climate changing can now rest easy, as Warren explained that she would bring it all to an end. At a Warren rally on Monday a child asked, “When you become president are you going to stop global warming?”

“Yes!” Warren replied.

She then added how expanding government and ending any new drilling or mining on federal lands are the answer.  Also “racial justice” will be “right at the heart” of her climate plan, so that’ll stop it too, no doubt. 

Warren also pledged her allegiance to Planned Parenthood and killing babies at the rally. Warren told the story about how she “wore my scarf that has in big letters on it, embroidered – Planned Parenthood,” to President Trump’s inauguration. Warren’s supporters cheered her endorsement of the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“I’m going to be wearing that scarf when I’m sworn in as president of the United States,” she told the crowd.