Virginia Tech Offers Emotional Support, Safe Spaces for Students After Election

Zach Montanaro | November 9, 2016
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Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the presidential election, stunning the media and those in the political establishment with his victory. The day after, both Hillary Clinton and President Obama acknowledged the defeat and called for Americans to come together in support of the new President.

Virginia Tech, however, seems to think it’s students will need some extra hugs to help with that.

An email was allegedly sent out to all Tech students on Wednesday afternoon by a staff member with the title “Support & Community Today.” Shared on Twitter by Virginia State Senator Mark Obenshain, the email offered locations to community centers for students who might not be able to handle their emotions.

“Many in our community, and among us, are waking up with fear, anxiety, concern, questions, and confusion among many other emotions,” the email starts out, going on to praise the “Hokie community” but lamenting that “not every member of our community has felt they belong. And today, this may feel almost insurmountable.”

(Image source: Twitter)

“I want you to hear clearly that you are loved,” the email fluffs. “You deserve wellness. You deserve to thrive. You deserve community.”

Students are then provided with the locations of various community and cultural centers, promising the spaces are open and that the community was there for them if needed.

The email ends by reassuring students who also might just want to disconnect from everything that that choice was fine as well. “All of your emotions are real,” the email assures. “And your decision is yours.”

Elections are tough, brutal, and can take a lot out of someone both physically and emotionally. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s also hard to imagine that the school would be providing these kinds of spaces if, say, Clinton was the victor on election night.

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