Violent Shooter Thwarted By Man Legally Carrying Concealed Handgun

Ben Graham | July 28, 2015

After being confronted by the brother of a woman he had been arguing with, an elderly man in Cincinnati opened fire on four individuals, including a one-year-old boy, on Sunday. He was subsequently shot in the leg by the brother, who was legally carrying a concealed weapon.

Thomas McCary, 62, was in the middle of a dispute with Jeaneta Walker, when her brother, Patrick Ewing, walked over to investigate. For currently unknown reasons, McCary then pulled out a .38-caliber handgun and fired on Ewing.

Miraculously, Ewing was not hit and he speedily drew his own weapon and returned fire, hitting McCary in the leg. McCary withdrew into his apartment to retrieve a second pistol and fired both weapons at Walker along with her one-year-old son and another female bystander.

The victims fled into Walker’s home and Ewing began firing additional shots at McCary to divert his attention and cover their escape. McCary popped off a few more rounds before retreating into his apartment.

McCary was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was promptly arrested. He was treated, released and booked in just over an hour. He faced a judge early Monday morning.