Ben Graham
Video Producer

Ben is (unfortunately) a born and raised suburban D.C. native who grew up in a good, old-fashioned Catholic home. When he isn't busy being a self-taught jack-of-all-trades producing riveting video content for MRCTV he's probably reading and writing fiction, watching classic Chinese martial arts films, or hitting his head against a wall due to the constant influx of liberal bias and flawed liberal logic that brutally invades his daily routine.

"They want to do everything in their power to slaughter the integrity of the conservative movement and anyone who supports America."

Comedy legend Dave Chappelle was violently attacked on Tuesday in L.A. and the assailant got the whoopin' of a lifetime. Join MRCTV's Nick Kangadis as he details why violence against the suspect is justified in this case, and how the establishment has ruined comedy to the point that our society has become more and more humorless.