Vatican Dismisses Pro-Life Priest, Twitter Users React

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | December 19, 2022
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Over the weekend, pro-life advocate Father Frank Pavone was removed from the Vatican. Amid the news, Pavone reaffirmed that he’d not stop fighting for life while other users stood with him in solidarity. 

On Dec. 18 a representative for Pope Francis wrote a letter to the United States that was obtained by The New York Times. Pavone, head the advocacy organization called Priests for Life and one-time religious advisor for President Trump, was dismissed back in November, The Times indicated, over “blasphemous communications on social media.”

Pavone mentioned that he hasn’t gotten any specifics as to which of his posts were “blasphemous.” Generally he shares pro-life content and is very outspoken about his anti-abortion beliefs.

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The letter indicated that there’d be “no possibility of appeal and directed that Rev. Frank Pavone be dismissed from the clerical state."

Pavone told LifeNews that despite pushback, he’d double-down on his pro-life values.

This is not just an attack on me, but an effort by forces both inside and outside the Church to intimidate every courageous pro-life priest and lay activist. We see this in the arrests of pro-life advocates and the lack of response from law enforcement in more than 100 attacks against pro-life organizations. We see this in when some religious leaders provide cover for pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. And we see it when some priests who violate canon law and also break civil law are supported while others, including myself, are chastised and ostracized for working to protect the unborn.

Pavone brought up a great point. While he’s getting shunned from the Church for affirming life, people who have no regard for unborn babies lives like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are facing little to no condemnation regarding their idea that abortion is biblical. 

Many Twitter users stood with Pavone.




Thing is, we aren’t told what Pavone did wrong. There’s been no reports of actual demeanors, just accusations from people online. As of now, it just looks like the Church removed him on vague terms which is a pretty lefty thing to do. 

I can’t say I know what the Catholic Church should do with the situation regarding Pavone. But I can say that abortion is antithetical to biblical teachings and those who support abortion either have a different version of The Bible or choose to ignore said teachings.

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