U.K. Supreme Court Declares Abortion Bans 'Incompatible' With Human Rights Laws


The U.K. Supreme Court on Wednesday declared Northern Ireland’s anti-abortion laws “incompatible” with human rights laws, claiming the restrictions against intentionally ending the life of a child cause “ongoing suffering.”

Of course, that’s kind of like saying the existence of oxygen is incompatible with breathing. What good are “human rights” if those rights don’t first begin with the simple right to one’s own life?

According to Sky News, Supreme Court President Lord Mance opined that Northern Ireland’s abortion laws, still some of the most restrictive in the world, “clearly need radical consideration.

"Those responsible for ensuring the compatibility of Northern Ireland law with the convention rights will no doubt recognize and take account of these conclusions," he added.

Thankfully, the court -- which also recently condemned two very sick little boys to slow deaths by starvation and asphyxiation, in case you missed it -- also ruled that the pro-abortion Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission doesn’t have the right to sue over Northern Ireland’s strict abortion laws, adding the group doesn’t have the legal right to demand a change to the rules.

A woman who was prevented from having an abortion because of the law, however, just might have such a case.

The court also said it doesn’t have the authority to declare the existing law null and void, leaving Northern Ireland as the only segment of the U.K. that doesn't allow at least some access to abortion on demand.

For now.

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