U.K. Detains, Bans Right-Wing Speakers For 'Inciting Racial Hatred'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 12, 2018
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In the U.K., it's apparently no longer enough to simply disagree with what someone says - now, you have to shut down their right to say it.

Conservative speakers and YouTube stars Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone were both denied entry into the U.K. over the weekend for alleged “racism” for their criticisms of Islam and mass migration.

The same country that’s reportedly accepted more than 400 jihadis back into their borders detained Pettibone, an American, and Austrian Identitarian leader Martin Sellner for several days at an immigration detention center after landing at Heathrow, before ultimately denying them entry. Both were scheduled to appear at a speaking event which U.K police alleged was planned by “a far-right group and intend[s] to incite racial hatred.”

Just a few days later, Canadian right-wing activist and commentator Lauren Southern was held in Calais and denied entry for allegedly inciting “racism.”

Their crime? Criticizing Islam and mass migration.

Both Southern and Pettibone have openly criticized mass migration in Europe, Canada and the United States, advocating for stricter immigration policies and tough border security. Both have also been openly critical of Islam and its spread in the West, particularly the recent influx of Muslim migrants into many European countries that have led to skyrocketing crime ratesexploding welfare costs, and the establishment of migrant-dominated "no-go zones" where nationals no longer feel safe.

During her planned trip, Pettibone was also scheduled to interview political activist and European Defence League founder Tommy Robinson – an interview that U.K. authorities claimed would “bear a serious threat to the fundamental interests of society.”


Southern said she was handed a similar notice of refusal for entry for “racism.”


This isn’t the first time Southern’s been targeted for censorship over her views. She was banned last year from the subscription-based content site Patreon for being “likely to cause loss of life” for attempting to document mass illegal immigration into Europe. The photo-sharing platform Instagram temporarily banned her for fat-shaming hedgehogs.