TV’s Worst of the Week: Hatred for Hannity, ‘Dangerous Whites’ & ‘Blood Red’ America

Alexa Coombs | October 1, 2021

Welcome to TV’s Worst of the Week, where MRC Culture's on TV Blog recounts the top liberal bias moments in entertainment television for the week of September 26, 2021.

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• Kicking off the week, Fox’s Family Guy took a shot at Fox News Host Sean Hannity. Peter Griffin flashes back to when he built a “Habitat for Sean Hannity.” He points out quotes like “where you compared the homosexual lifestyle to playing in the sewer, and there's the one where you defended Roy Moore,” and builds Hannity “a room where you can blame things on an immigrant. Hannity tells the immigrant, “Hey, nothing personal, I just peddle hate for money.”


• The “horniest show on television,” Netflix’s Sex Education, was back with a third season of debauchery that culminated in the students hijacking a video presentation dressed as genitalia and talking about how proud they are of having “loads” of sex and “feel no shame.”


Netflix’s final season of Dear White People detailed the ordeal of Reggie in the wake of a shooting at school. After his “app for black people to track dangerous whites" warned him of a suspicious white man on campus, Reggie saw the man, who turned out to be a white supremacist natch, pull out a rifle and shot him in self-defense saving the day. But we are led to believe that instead of being treated like a hero for being ‘a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun,’ because he’s black, Reggie was forced to go into hiding.


• The FX on Hulu dystopian sci-fi series Y: The Last Man, named for the fact that everyone with a Y chromosome died in a plague except one man, was in the oxymoronic position of arguing that “Not everyone with a Y chromosome is a man.” Because Hollywood is pushing the trans agenda hard.

• Speaking of, Showtime's L Word: Generation Q had transgender doctors pushing the idea of puberty blockers for minors against parents’ wishes.

• CBS's FBI: Most Wanted went over-the-top to stoke hatred and division, deliberately pushing fear of insurgents in "blood red" America wanting to start a civil war to overthrow our government and the January 6th Capitol riot being a pre-planned event organized by thousands..

• ABC sitcom Home Economics presented the ludicrous scenario of a rich businessman going from “destroying the environment” and “exploit[ing] the masses” to spouting left-wing talking points about "environmental racism" and "climate warriors" to woo a woke woman.

• Finally, The Harper House on Paramount+ had the stupid white family man beclown himself with “white guilt” and wokeness.


Other Odds & Ends

• Anti-cop sentiment was popular this week with several shows offering small asides impugning the occupation. ABC’s The Wonder Years reboot had a black activist calling police “pigs.”

• The return of Big Sky on ABC saw a BIPOC private investigator remark, “I left the academy when I finally realized that I was buying into a system that was designed to discriminate against me. I mean, bureaucracy is just made to stonewall justice.”

• In the premiere of the sci-fi disaster drama La Brea on NBC a woman was caught stealing food, but she protested, “I look like a criminal? I’m a cop.” One of the main characters questioned, “Is there a difference?” In the dog-eat-dog world of La Brea there isn’t, but Hollywood would like you to assume it’s the same in real life.

• On Showtime’s American Rust, coverage of the border crisis is "not news, it's racism:"

TV: They're coming in hordes. It's like an invasion. There's no other way to put it. We are being invaded. And what is our so-called government doing about it? Nothing.

Daughter: Can we not watch this, please?

Father: What's wrong with the news?

Daughter: It's not news. It's racism.

Father: If there were stories about Mexicans curing cancer, they'd show it.

Daughter: Your children are half Mexican. Your wife was Mexican.

Father: I'm not talking about you. You know I'm proud of you.

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