'L Word' Reboot Pushes Trans Hormones for Kids Against Parents' Wishes

Elise Ehrhard | September 28, 2021

Showtime's L Word: Generation Q pushed the idea of puberty blockers for minors this week, even when parents are against it.

In the episode, 'Launch Party,' on Monday, September 27, transgender psychiatrist Micah Lee (Leo Sheng) barges into the office of a transgender medical doctor named Claudia (Isis King) who has recommended puberty blockers to an adolescent.

Claudia: Come in.

Micah: I'm Micah Lee. I'm-I'm-- 

Claudia: I know who you are. And can I help you with something? 

Micah: I've been treating Joaquin Delgado, and he just told me that you recommended leuprolide for him. 

Claudia: With HIPAA, obviously, I can't tell you-- 

Micah: He's a minor. He needs his parents' consent. And if you actually bothered to consult with me before you gave him false hope, you'd know his parents are very far from signing off on any medical intervention. 

Claudia: Well, it sound like you have your work cut out for you. 

Micah: Excuse me? 

Claudia: Micah, with as much professionalism as I can muster, which is considerably more than you managed to gather before barging into my office, I want to remind you that I am a doctor with a medical degree. I always have my patients' best interest at heart. 

Micah: I don't disagree with you-- 

Claudia: I honestly wouldn't care if you did.

Leuprolide, which commonly goes under the name "Lupron," is a puberty blocker that was originally approved by the FDA to treat prostate cancer. Side effects can include extreme bone density loss and a compromised immune system, among many other adverse effects. Giving this drug to a physically healthy minor is child abuse. To recommend it to a child against parental wishes is horrifying.

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Micah is right to call out Claudia for recommending puberty blockers without consulting with the parents first.  But, of course, as the show progresses, it paints Claudia as just a good doctor who cares. In a later scene, Micah actually apologizes to Claudia. The scene pushes the emotionally manipulative narrative that gender dysphoric youth will fall into depression if parents reject dangerous drugs created for cancer patients.

Micah: Hey, Claudia, wait up. Can we talk? 

Claudia: Sure.

Micah: I need to apologize for-for lashing out at you. Um...

Claudia: Yeah, you really came in hot. 

Micah: I know. I know. It's just, you know, with Joaquin-- 

Claudia: You care. Me, too. 

Micah: Look, but, also... [Sighs] I was Joaquin. I had a well-meaning pediatrician who said I could start blockers and a mom who disagreed. MM. I fell into a really deep depression after that. 

Claudia: It took me 30 years to screw up the courage and go to a doctor and ask for HRT, I wish more than anything I would've started sooner.

To be clear, Claudia should be apologizing to Micah. It is she who behaved unethically. If the idea of natural puberty could cause a young person to spiral into a depression then that minor needs therapy to help them work through the roots of their gender dysphoria. Proper therapy helps a young person adjust to the changes of puberty so they learn to feel comfortable in the body they were born in. Instead, radical leftists continue to push life-altering drugs that can permanently damage adolescents' bodies and make them sterile. 

As a San Francisco gay men's choir sang, the LGBTQ agenda is coming for your children and there is "no escaping it." Parental rights and opinions are irrelevant. This show is just another example of LGBTQ advocates saying the quiet part out loud.

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