Trump Reaches Deal With Carrier; Will Keep 1,000 Jobs in U.S

Zach Montanaro | November 30, 2016
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President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence have reached a deal with air conditioning company Carrier that will keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana.

The deal was announced through Carrier itself, tweeting on their official page that they had managed to come to some kind of deal with the incoming administration to keep the jobs in the U.S.

Trump himself confirmed the move, later tweeting that the deal had been reached and that he would be traveling to Indiana on Thursday to talk about the announcement.

Specific details of the deal weren’t immediately clear, though some reports have said that the arrangement will include new incentives for the business from the state of Indiana, where the company is located and where Pence is currently the governor.

Carrier made headlines in February when it was announced that they would be closing the plant in Indianapolis and moving its manufacturing to Mexico. One person managed to record the announcement as it was read to the plant’s workers, and the video soon went viral. The plant currently employs 1,400 people.

Trump soon pounced on the news, highlighting it as another example of jobs being shipped out of the country and reiterating his pledge to work to keep manufacturing jobs in America. At an April rally in Indianapolis, Trump explicitly stated “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’ll get a call from the head of Carrier and he’ll say, ‘Mr. President, we’ve decided to stay in the United States. That’s what’s going to happen — 100%.”

After he was elected, Trump announced last week that he was indeed talking with Carrier in an attempt to convince the company to remain in the U.S.

At the time, Chuck Jones, the president of the union representing the workers who would be laid off, said that he would be “shocked” if anything actually developed from those talks and remained doubtful that any kind of deal would be reached.

When he heard that a deal had in fact been reached, Jones said that he was “optimistic” and that it was a “good sign,” but admitted that he didn’t “know what the situation is” as he didn’t know any details of the deal himself.

Workers at the Carrier plant currently make somewhere around $25 per hour plus benefits, according to Jones. Had the plant moved to Mexico, Carrier would have paid Mexican workers around $2.50 - $3 an hour, plus benefits.

You can see the original announcement Carrier made to its workers in February below:

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