Trudeau Refuses to Meet with 'Hateful' Freedom Convoy Protesters, Only Attends Protests He Agrees With

Nick Kangadis | February 1, 2022
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When authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t running away from a “small, fringe minority” of protesters, or pushing vaccines and contracting the Chinese coronavirus despite being vaccinated, he talks tough from remote locations, while showing his animus for those that might oppose his edicts.

After speaking from his secret hideout, where he specifically spoke to “the millions of Canadians who are making responsible decisions” (i.e. those who seem to have followed his edicts), Trudeau opened up phone lines for questions from reporters. 

The Canadian “leader’s” answer to a question concerning the current “Freedom Convoy” of truckers who have been joining tens of thousands of freedom-loving Canadians descending upon Canada’s capital, Ottawa, was ridiculous, if not laughable, and proved that Trudeau lives in an echo-chamber.

Can you explain the reason why you won’t participate or meet with them? You’ve attended rallies on the hill in the past, including during a Black Lives Matter protest and others. Is there a reason that you can give as for why you will not discuss or have any negotiations with this particular group?

That’s a good question, considering that Trudeau chose the option of hiding instead of opening a dialogue with protesters. However, in his response, Trudeau chose one of the worst examples to convey who he thinks carries out “peaceful protests.”

I have attended protests and rallies in the past when I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues — Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that. But I have also chosen to not go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence towards fellow citizens, and a disrespect – not just of science – but of the frontline health workers and, quite frankly, the 90 percent of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe to put food on our tables.

Poor, Justin. He must have been hibernating in the frozen tundra of northern Canada while the “Summer of Floyd” happened in the U.S., in which BLM participated in the chaos, riots and looting that cost nearly $2 billion in damages across the country.

According to Real Clear Investigations:

The summer 2020 riots resulted in some 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many arrests, and estimated damages in dollar terms up to 1,300 times more costly than those of the Capitol riot. George Floyd rioters were found to have used more sophisticated and dangerous tactics than did the Capitol rioters, and in some cases weapons of greater lethality.

So yeah, Tru-duh. Black Lives Matter is an “excellent example” of protesters simply “expressing their concerns and their issues.” (That was sarcasm, just in case there’s anyone who didn’t pick up on it.)

Trudeau also took the opportunity, as often as he could, to denigrate those who “reject the science,” whether they’re unvaccinated or simply oppose his authoritarian edicts.

God bless the Canadian truckers and protesters for standing up and basically saying, in one way or another, “No!”

For video of Trudeau’s full press conference from Monday, watch below:

H/T: Breitbart

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