Triggered by Truth: Lefties Deny America’s Bible-Steeped Foundation

Jason Cohen | September 15, 2022
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Senator Josh Hawley's speech at NatCon on Monday in Miami outraged liberals who claimed the speech was “Christian Nationalist” and seemed like it was given by the “supreme leader of a theocracy.”

In his speech, Hawley focused on how the left is trying to unmake history. Kathryn Joyce, in a piece for Salon, proved Hawley’s point by disagreeing with him that the Bible was majorly responsible for America’s founding. 

Hawley said, “Without the Bible, there is no modernity. Without the bible, there is no America.” 

Hawley is correct. In fact, according to a study by Donald S. Lutz from his 1988 The Origins of American Constitutionalism reveals that the Bible was the most referenced source in the political literature of 1760-1805. 

In a piece in Riverfront Times by Rosalind Early, she called Hawley’s speech “unhinged.” She took issue with Hawley crediting the Bible for modern American society and claimed the Bible is responsible for the Dark Ages. 

That was a new one, but Early also brought out all the usual talking points, describing the Bible as “the book people most often use to justify denying gay people rights, subjugate women and maintain hierarchies of power, is actually about equality and recognizing the value of the common man.” 

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It is not surprising that these woke authors and publications appear to despise the Bible and Christianity. After all, Pew Research Center reported that 69% of atheists and 64% of agnostics identify with or lean toward the Democrat party. 

The left and the media are aligned in pushing an atheist agenda.

Back in 2007, Media Research Center conducted a study on atheism and found that 80% (17 of 21) feature stories about atheism or atheists had a positive tone while 20% were neutral and none were negative. Since then, atheism has only continued to gain prevalence. According to Pew Research center, their telephone surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019 revealed 4% of American adults said they are atheists compared to 2% in 2009.

Hawley ended his speech by saying, “The woke left, they seem powerful, and maybe they are. Opposing them might cost us much, but the truth is worth any cost. Though the God of the universe could have accomplished his purposes entirely on his own, he chose instead to call us to do his work with him.” 

This must have been the most triggering part of the speech to leftists. The woke left wants to be more powerful than God.

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