Transwoman Sues Starbucks, Citing 'Discrimination'


If there's one company that proves reaching out to the progressive left just gets your hand bit every time, it's Starbucks.

The ultra-progressive company is now being sued for discrimination by a transgender woman who claims he was mistreated after he came out as a self-identified female.

Maddie Wade claims he was treated “differently” after he told his coworkers at a Fresno Starbucks that he was transitioning to a woman and had started hormone therapy, saying his manager, a self-proclaimed Christian, began behaving differently toward him and cut his hours. Wade then said he went on manager’s Facebook page, where he found indications of "hostility" toward transgenders and their lifestyle, Wade said.

Wade eventually transferred to a different Starbucks, where he alleged he was still treated differently due to his gender identity. He reached out to Starbucks about the issue and was ignored, he claims. 

“I loved my friends and colleagues at Starbucks and expected to have a long-term career with the company,” Wade told Fox News. “It was humiliating to come to work every day and be treated with no dignity or respect. I never would have expected this kind of behavior from a fellow employee who failed to represent the culture and ethics that have come to embody Starbucks as a global brand.”

Now, Wade is suing the Seattle-based coffee company for unlimited damages, claiming that the emotional distress of being discriminated against has caused him to stop his gender transition.

The lawsuit comes just a few months after Starbucks closed down their 8,000 or so U.S. storesfor mandatory all-staff “diversity training,” after two black men alleged they were kicked out of a Philadelphia Starbucks for sitting while black. The ultra-progressive coffee chain also has a history of pushing liberal agendas while trying to force customers into having strange and uncomfortable conversationsabout racism while waiting for their lattes. The company also fully covers transgender transition procedures, including hormone therapy, reassignment surgery and cosmetic procedures, under the company’s benefits plan.

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