Washington Post Encourages ‘Crossing Political Aisle’ To Fulfill Sexual Fetishes

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 30, 2023
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If you were looking for another reason to hate The Washington Post, here’s a good one. 

The Washington Post just released a piece titled, “In the World of Sexual Fetishes, Crossing the Political Aisle Is a Kink” that talks about many different freaks who videotape themselves mocking people’s political views. WaPo indicated this was a way to get people turned on. 

Here's what the article said:

There are people who get turned on by the idea of having their political views mocked, usually (but not always) by members of the opposing political group. Liberals desire being dominated by conservatives and called pejoratives that imply they are weak and unintelligent, while conservatives want to be mocked for supporting former president Donald Trump, among other perceived transgressions, according to those who participate in this subculture.


On one of the kink sites, people can apparently look up subcategories like “hot conservative girls who make liberals cry” as well as groups like “MAGA Doms/Dommes” and “Libtard Subs.” 

The Washington Post indicated that this “political role-play” community grew when Trump was president.

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Apparently these fetish influencers can make up to six figures annually, and many started out as regular strippers before moving over to online videos. One creator, Roxie Ray, uses her support of Trump and other Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to get views online, saying she charges “about $150 for a five-minute custom video and then resells them for a dollar per minute in length,” the Washington Post indicated.  

“It is like the ultimate way to give up total control and to be humiliated, and if you’re a liberal and you go to another liberal for that, I don’t think you’re gonna get exactly what you want,” Rae said. 

Astonishingly, many of the instances The Washington Post reported on were liberals submitting to “conservative Republicans or MAGA'' people. I guess soy boys are starting to realize how soy they really are. 

The Washington Post did mention that in some cases, Republicans like to be dominated by Democrats. 

“A 60-year-old man, known by his fetish persona Master Black Satyr Dragon Wolf, unexpectedly became a political fetish dominant when a 22-year-old straight-identifying college student responded to his Craigslist ad seeking a BDSM partner” The Washington Post reported. Supposedly the student wrote, “I want to be punished by a person of color because I voted for Donald Trump.”

Some even impersonate actual political figures, whether it's Hillary Clinton or Ivanka Trump - the one commonality being that these people are clearly all freaks. 

As a final note of encouragement for this freakiness, here’s what The Washington Post concluded: 

Unlike in the non-fetish world, where most Biden and Trump supporters have few friends who vote for the opposing candidate, in the fetish world, political opposites mingle. And if you are into political fetishes you may become, ironically, more open-minded to the opposing side’s views.

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