UK Hospitals Insist Men's 'Human Milk' Is As Good For Babies As Breastmilk

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 19, 2024
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A National Health Services trust in the United Kingdom recently insisted that breastmilk produced by transgender women (so, biological men) is just as good for babies as breast milk from an actual woman’s breast.

You mean to tell me that the UK thinks that discharge from a man's nipple, formed by his getting shots of estrogen and suppressing testosterone, is as good for babies as breastmilk that forms naturally in actual women?! Seriously!?

The University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust insisted that milk from a trannie woman is “comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby,” as The Telegraph reported Sunday. The trust, which runs numerous local hospitals, was one of the first in Britain to adopt the term “chestfeeding” instead of breastfeeding for inclusivity purposes. 

I guess if a transgender man - aka a woman - breastfeeds “his” kids, the hospital doesn’t want it to be called “breastfeeding,” since the trannie likely doesn’t want her breasts.

"Transgender women" cannot get pregnant because they are men. Yet, to further affirm their delusion, they can take progesterone to develop milk-producing glands in their male nipples. Often, in order to “lactate,” men - er sorry, “women” - will also take domperidone to stimulate the production of prolactin, which is a hormone that tells the body to produce milk.

Domperidone was intended for biological women to take if they’re struggling to produce milk on their own, to correct or lessen a medical issue. It isn’t intended for fake women to take to create milk from their hairy male nipples.

Now, it’s been proven time and again that breastmilk has many benefits that formula doesn’t. Aside from providing a child necessary nutrients, breastfeeding promotes an emotional bond between a mother and her baby. So I understand why parents want to breastfeed their kids. But that’s a role designed for a mother who naturally produces milk, not for a fake woman to artificially manufacture in order to help feed his delusional sense of identity.

The Policy Exchange in Britain uncovered this letter from the trust indicating that mens' “chest milk” does the same as a woman’s breastmilk. Lottie Moore from the group insisted that the trust “is unbalanced and naïve in its assertion that the secretions produced by a male on hormones can nourish an infant in the way a mother’s breast milk can.”

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Similarly, Maya Forstater, director of the campaign group called “Sex Matters,” said, “For a chief executive and medical director of an NHS trust to prioritize trans identities over what is best for mothers and their babies is deeply disturbing.”

You could say that again! This is repulsive.

A user on X commented, “A man forcing an infant to ingest his chemically induced gynecomastia nippIe discharge because it gives him euphoria is utterly vomit inducing” and Libs of TikTok insisted that this move “should be criminal.”

Transgender women are men. Men cannot and will not ever be able to breastfeed, and whatever secretions come out of their “breasts” are certainly not as good - and may not be good at all - for a developing baby and should not be compared to the benefits that actual breastmilk has for these infants.

This move prioritizes transgender delusional individuals over the actual health and well-being of babies. But then again, that's the left for ya!

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