Transgender ‘Girl’ Sues Ex For Throwing Away His Preserved Testicles

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 8, 2024
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I’ll take ‘Things I never thought I’d hear for $1000.'

A transgender identifying female (so...a male) sued his ex-boyfriend after the boyfriend threw out the tranny's “preserved testicles.” Reduxx Magazine posted video testimony from Brianna Kingsley, who sought the return of the testicles and $6,500 for damages over the loss of “deez nuts.”

What the heck has our society come to!?

Kingsley, a biological man, identifies as a Muslim woman and lives in the Detroit, Michigan area. Apparently Kinglsey had his testicles removed as part of his gender-affirming “care”, and now wants them back. 

Though the story broke back in August, Reduxx’s post of the court hearing has re-upped concern - and mockery - over how delusional our society has gotten.

“She had had her testicles removed,” William Wojciechowsk, the ex, said in the hearing. “I believe if I recalled correctly, it was March 23 and they were left in the fridge. I wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it was odd but I try not to judge because everybody’s a little different.”

Yeah, no kidding. It’s weird enough that Kingsley wanted to get his testicles removed to further convince himself that he’s a girl - but to keep them in the fridge? “Odd” is putting it nicely.

“They were there from April of 2022 until July of 2023, when I disposed of them,” Wojciechowsk told the judge. 

The video cut to Kingsley talking again. He stood there in a turban, holding a fluffy dog and said, “that physical anomaly [the balls] has been a point of stress in my life since I can remember and my middle name that I chose is Dee because my whole life I’ve been called Big D. I’m Dee from the D and I thank God that these ‘deez nuts’ were extracted and they were put into a biohazard bag.” 

“For s**ts and giggles, I put them in a mason jar and I put them in the fridge next to the eggs,” Kingsley confessed.

Firstly, it always baffles me when transgender people, who clearly don’t listen to anything the Bible or God says, thank God for His assistance in their transgender “care.”

Secondly, imagine opening up the fridge to make an omelet. You reach to grab a carton of eggs and your hand grazes a jar with year-old surgically extracted human testicles inside.

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That takes cringe, and honestly the idea of a gag reflex, to a whole new level. But still, Kingsley's suing over the supposed loss.

“The amount that I’m claiming is for the damages of not having these nuts with me,” Kingsley added confidently. 

What, was he going to snuggle them when going to sleep or something? 

In response to the video posted by Reduxx, many individuals were in disbelief. “HOW IS THIS REAL,” one commented while another asked, “Is this satire?” 

Others said things like, “Gender Ideology exacerbates existing mental disorders  and creates them where they didn't exist before,” while another said, “What a time to be alive!”

It really is unfortunate that this story isn’t satire. I hope Mr. Brianna gets his nuts back safe and sound and then checks himself into the psych ward.

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