Tennessee GOP May Criminalize Helping 'Trans' Kids Get ‘Care’ Without Parental Consent

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 12, 2024
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The fact that this is even something that has to be considered is absolutely berserk. 

Tennessee lawmakers are contemplating criminalizing adults who help children receive transgender “care” without their parents' knowledge and consent. GOP senators advanced the legislation Thursday with a 25-4 vote and it’s on its way to the House. 

SB 2782 states that any adult who “recruits, harbors, or transports” a child for the purposes of getting them transgender-related medical procedures without their parents' knowledge or consent is guilty of a Class-C felony that carries a prison sentence of three to 15 years.

In September, a federal appeals court upheld a Tennessee ban on gender-related medical interventions for children. This new bill takes it a step further and prohibits non-parental adults from "helping" gender-confused minors obtain harmful hormone therapies or irreversible surgeries in other states.

As the Associated Press reported, this legislation is similar to a proposal that the Tennessee Senate approved on Wednesday that would criminalize adults from aiding and abetting young people getting abortions without parental consent.

It seems that Tennessee is focusing intensely on its kids and how best to protect them from harmful treatments that cause irreversible damage. In response, the media had mixed reactions. 

NBC News routinely called these interventions “care” and insisted the bill came from “one of the most eager states to enact policies aimed at the LGBTQ community.” 

Independent LGBTQ Journalist Erin Reed called the bill “extreme,” while another user on X shared a map that indicates where Tennessean adults can bring kids to get transgender treatment and would be shielded from any legal repercussions. 

On the other hand, some agreed that the bill was a good thing.

“Gender affirming care is child abuse,” one wrote, while another insisted this sort of thing should be in every state, writing, “Any doctor who cuts off healthy body parts of a minor should be thrown in prison."

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This new proposal is just one in a litany of ways Tennessee lawmakers have cracked down on progressivism targeting children. They’ve worked to keep drag away from kids, to protect teachers who don’t wish to affirm a child’s delusional identity, and have given parents a choice as to whether or not they want their children to be present for particular lessons in school.

Time will tell if the state House, like the state Senate, will approve of this proposal.

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