WIN! Court Upholds TN & KY Bans on ‘Transgender Care’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 29, 2023
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Late Thursday night, a federal appeals court upheld both Tennessee and Kentucky bans on gender-related medical interventions. This is a giant step in the fight for protecting kids from dangerous, life threatening and irreversible damages. 

In March, Kentucky and Tennessee enacted Senate Bill 150 and Senate Bill 1, which banned “transgender” youth from receiving puberty blockers and medical unnecessary surgery. On Thursday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 to reject a challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who wanted to allow confused kids in Tennessee and Kentucky to receive things like puberty blockers, mastectomies, hysterectomies, vaginoplasties, phalloplasties, and more. 

As you and I both know, these procedures and interventions are incredibly dangerous for anyone, nevermind kids who are still learning the difference between right and wrong. 

Chief Judge Jeffery Sutton wrote the following in regards to the decision: “This is a relatively new diagnosis with ever-shifting approaches to care over the last decade or two. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for anyone to be sure about predicting the long-term consequences of abandoning age limits of any sort for these treatments.”

In lieu of the news, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti said, “Tennessee’s law that protects children from irreversible gender-related medical interventions remains in effect.” 

At the same time, the ACLU was pissed. Here’s what the group said:

The disastrous impact of Tennessee’s law and all others like it has already been felt in thousands of homes and communities. Denying transgender youth equality before the law and needlessly withholding the necessary medical care their families and their doctors know is right for them has caused and will continue to cause serious harm.

This ruling will help kids embrace who they truly are and will disable parents and doctors from causing irreversible damages to young, confused children. It’s a huge win. 

On Twitter, some users shared that sentiment. 

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh wrote:

This is huge. Our ban on child mutilation has been upheld. When we passed the bill, trans activists gloated that they would easily get it overturned in court. Who’s gloating now you child butchering ghouls?

Others added things like “God wins, always,” “Thank God,” and “Protect our Kids,” with a clapping emoji to commemorate the great news.

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The ACLU posted a dramatic response to the ruling:

BREAKING: The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected our request to block Tennessee's ban on gender affirming care for transgender youth.

This fight is far from over. We'll never stop fighting for trans youth and their families to get the medical care they need.

— ACLU (@ACLU) September 29, 2023

But very quickly after, those who actually care about kids replied with things like, "You can keep fighting but we will beat you again and again and again and again for as long as we have to. You and your ilk will NEVER be able to mutilate a child in Tennessee ever again! That’s a promise," and "There is no such thing as a trans child. Leave kids alone."

Though it’s likely the ACLU will appeal the decision as they insisted “we are assessing our next steps,” we can count this as a win for the kids in Kentucky and Tenessee. 

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