'Pure Evil': 11-Year-Old Cries In Pain While Getting Puberty Blockers

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 2, 2024
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A sad video that shows a little boy getting puberty blockers is gaining lots of traction online. It’s a heartbreaking clip, and viewers are calling out the transgender ideology for what it really is: "pure evil."

The video was in response to another video that Libs of TikTok shared in which a doctor explained that transgender “care” for kids is “lifesaving.” The video about the little "girl" now has close to 2 million views. 

In it, a mother and her 11-year-old son Joseph, who they refer to as “Josie,” visit a transgender specialist named Dr. Olsen, who insists that "Josie" is at a “perfect place” to begin puberty blockers to stop the young boy’s body from going through male puberty.

Research has shown that puberty blockers can and do slow or completely stop the development of a child’s reproductive system, as well as the child’s brain and his or her bones. They can cause irreversible damage, but none of that seemed to alarm Josie's mother enough to not go through with the procedure.

During the video, Josie gets the blockers implanted in his arm and cries out in pain from the injection. 

To make matters worse, the doctor insisted that she promised to get Josie on estrogen shots in two years when the child turns 13.

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Josie’s mother was thrilled.

“A lot of time it strikes me that, had this happened 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to give her blockers and she would’ve had to go through male puberty. That terrifies me. I don’t know that she would have survived male puberty,” the child-abusing mother confessed. 

People on X couldn’t agree less. 

“This BOY is being abused by the doctor and his mom. They both belong behind bars,” one user wrote. “The mom is 100% a total enabler,” another insisted while one more called it “pure evil.” Even Elon Musk commented an explanation mark to widen the reach of the heartbreaking video.

The video was part of a three-part segment by NBC News back in 2012 detailing how Josie’s parents began his transition around six years old when he was “diagnosed” with gender dysphoria.

According to a Reddit thread, Josie has since  changed his name to "Sadie" and is still attempting to convince people that he’s a she. On Instagram, Sadie is now 21 years old and adds “#trans” to many of his posts. 

While this video is old, it’s important to continue bringing to light as these practices have become even more popular and accepted. Transitioning minors is “pure evil” and children who experience it, just like Joseph/Josie/Sadie, are victims of child abuse.

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