Lia Thomas Is Fighting the Rules So HE Can Compete Against Women

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | January 26, 2024
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Despite basically the whole world telling transgender swimmer Lia Thomas that he has no place in women’s sports, he’s been fighting a legal battle for months in an attempt to change the rules for men who believe they're women, with goals set on the 2024 Paris Olympics, The Telegraph reported.

Seriously, when is this dude going to stop?

For those who don’t know, Lia - whose birth name is William - Thomas swam and “won” a Division 1 title at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) swim meet in March of 2022, where he competed against biological women. Later that year, World Aquatics decided that due to the fact that Thomas had a clear physical advantage over actual women (you know, since “she’s” a dude) that he was barred from competing as a woman.

World Aquatics bans trans women from competing as women if they’ve undergone “any part of male puberty” and now has an “open” category for swimmers like Thomas who like to live in a delusional sense of identity.

Now, nearly two years later, Thomas is still trying to push the idea that he’s just like every other girl and should get to compete as such. He hired Tyr, a Canadian law firm, to get the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Switzerland to overturn the World Aquatics rules. The Telegraph noted that this specific law group tends to keep cases “heard behind closed doors” and “not publicized.”

Thomas’ lawyer, Carlos Sayao, insisted that the World Aquatics’ rules are “discriminatory” and cause “profound harm to trans women.” 

“Lia has now had the door closed to her in terms of her future ability to practice her sport and compete at the highest level,” Sayao added. “She’s bringing the case for herself and other trans women to ensure that any rules for trans women’s participation in sport are fair, proportionate and grounded in human rights and in science.”

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He couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Trans women, aka men, have obvious physical advantages over biological women. Hence why Thomas was ranked 65th when he was competing as a man, but then "won" a championship title shortly after switching to compete against women. 

Sharron Davies, a former Olympic swimmer, agreed. She told The Telegraph that Thomas had a “ridiculous, massive advantage” over real women and said, “The scientific evidence does not, in any shape or form, show us that it’s fair for Lia Thomas to compete against females.”

I doubt this case will reach a verdict before the summer olympics but maybe by the 2028 games in Los Angeles. Hopefully by then the world, and Thomas, will recognize that he has absolutely no place competing in women’s sports and he never will.

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