Riley Gaines Launches Center to Protect Women’s Sports

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 9, 2023
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Former University of Kentucky (UK) swimmer Riley Gaines just launched The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute (LI). The center will help facilitate free speech and will stand up for female identity. 

If you don’t remember, Gaines is the UK swimmer who was “beat” by Lia Thomas (aka Richard Thomas) at the 2022 NCAA Championship. Thomas is a biological man who decided to identify as a female while being allowed to not only compete, but to take trophies and standings away from actual women who excelled in the sport. Gaines has been an active advocate against trans men entering women’s sports for both the unfairness and the uncomfortable nature of sharing personal spaces with people of the opposite gender, like the locker room.

Gaines told Fox News' Sean Hannity that the center was established to “empower, and train and provide resources to students, athletes, parents, coaches, medical professionals [and] other allies who want to help in the fight to defend women, defend freedom of speech actually too - and women's sports, of course." 

Gaines called the center a way to “cancel cancel culture” on her Twitter page, and also said that it will “put conservative speakers on college campus[es], equip school boards with effective messaging, and inspire others to lead throughout their communities by providing support, resources, and effective training.”

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Gaines wants to “engage young people and mobilize them” to use their voices and stand up for truth, as she told Hannity, just as she did when she was unfairly placed against Thomas.

As stated by the center’s website:

The left has used all its power to destroy the distinctions between women and men — eliminating opportunities for women, and silencing those who dare to speak the truth. 

The Riley Gaines Center identifies and recruits those targeted by the left.  The Center trains them to fearlessly, relentlessly, and eloquently defend America’s founding principles and to become powerhouse leaders who work in positions of influence to keep America true to those principles.

In response to the news, other conservatives were thrilled. 

“I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. Boldly proclaiming the truth is how we win the culture war and take back our country because the truth IS on our side,” Michelle Parker with the Independent Women’s Network proclaimed.

Paula Scanlan, who recently testified before Congress that she was forced to change in front of Thomas in the University of Pennsylvania locker room 18 times a week, said, “so proud of you! can’t wait."

“Seeing this kind of leadership from young Americans wanting to take their country back and restore sanity is so joyous and invigorating! Keep up the fight,” another user stated

The center is a great step in the right direction to point out the correct idea that there are only two genders and that biological men shouldn’t get to play in women’s sports. Although, this shouldn’t have to be a debate. It's a good thing that the center looks to restore sanity.

As a final note, here’s the mission the center hopes to execute:

As they put their training into action, the leaders developed by the Riley Gaines Center will impact our culture and society — our American way of life — for decades to come.

Not only will they protect the female identity and defend truth, but they will uphold the principles that make America prosperous and free.


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