‘There’s No Such Thing as Free Speech Anymore ‘ – Caviezel Sounds Off On America's 'Moral Depravity'

Sarah Merly | July 6, 2023
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During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Sound of Freedom star Jim Caviezel dug down to the roots of America’s wokeism.

“I mean, modern day Christians are more afraid of the devil than they are of God,” Caviezel claimed. “God could destroy the devil without a glance, but He looks to us to make a decision.” 

According to Caviezel, Christians’ responsibility to understand, embrace, and testify of God’s nature was the main stronghold against dangerous ideologies. Once modern Christians adhered to a “weak” and “useless” version of faith, wokeism seeped stealthily into America’s most prominent institutions.

“So, you have moral depravity,” Caviezel concluded. “Laws don’t mean anything anymore. We don’t have a First Amendment…There’s no such thing as free speech anymore. You’re absolutely destroyed everywhere, and the media throws out everybody’s a racist.”

The actor has not given up hope, however. Instead of walking away from the movie industry, he has decided to fight it headfirst in a wholesome, thoughtful manner.

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“The purpose God gave me in this business, I wanted to bring his light,” Caviezel says. “[I]t doesn’t mean that I’m not going to play the devil in movies. Just there’s got to be some sort of moral redemption.”

Caviezel also clarified that he did not want others to look to him for hope. Instead, he wants his audience to look to Jesus, no matter what it might cost.

“I may not have any friends around me when this is over, but I’ll have [God],” Caviezel testified. “He won’t leave me. I’ll be looking at Him at that point. When I do leave this earth, at least I gave the best I could from God, you know, and my Father in heaven. And I want the world to know I love Him.”


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