‘That’s What Terrorists Do’: Young Americans Speak Out On Violent Protests & Flag Burning

Eric Scheiner | June 18, 2020
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“Stop, just stop,” TikTok user @ariannalopez pleads in a video addressing violent protestors that assault police officers and their families.

“This isn’t okay. This needs to stop now. Because you are not just affecting the cops anymore, you’re not just hurting the cops anymore, you are hurting their families and I’m scared s***less that my dad is not going to be okay,” she says.

@ariannalopez is not alone. Her voice is echoed by many young Americans who are taking to social media to express their disgust with the violence and flag burning that they witness from protestors.

“Today I saw a video of somebody burning a flag and I want you to know what it means to me. You see this flag right here? This is my dad’s. It was put on top of his casket because he served his country in order for you to have rights, in order for you to be safe,” a tear-filled @ally..fox33 says.

“I’ve seen videos of people stomping on the flag, writing s***on the flag, burning the flag. That’s what terrorists do, do you realize that?” @austin.benji says.

While the leftist media amplifies the voices of the protestors it’s important to recognize the many other young lives impacted by the violent protests. The video above showcases a few. We hope you will watch.


Special thanks to MRCTV's Katie Moon for her effort in contacting the video creators and gathering and editing the TikTok videos used in this piece.

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