Texas Bus Stations Fill With Illegals As Trump's Title 42 Expires

Brittany M. Hughes | May 11, 2023
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Video from along the Southwest U.S. border reveals the dismal sight at one bus station in Texas - a scene that’s echoed in border towns throughout Texas and Arizona as an unprecedented wave of illegal aliens pour into the United States only to be released with nothing but some travel papers and a near-worthless order to appear in court.

Clips posted to Twitter by Rebecca Brannon for TPUSA’s Frontlines shows hordes of recent border crossers filling up a bus station in Brownsville, Texas, one of the small towns hit hardest by President Joe Biden’s failure to secure the border.

Brannon said hundreds of migrants were crammed into the station waiting for buses after being processed and released by border agents overwhelmed by the sheer number of illegal aliens streaming in from Mexico daily. Border patrol reports apprehending around 10,000 illegal aliens per day in recent weeks, marking historic highs for border crossings.

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And the deluge isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. With the Trump-era Title 42 program ending Thursday, border agents and the small towns they work in are prepping for an influx of up to 22,000 illegal alien apprehensions every single day, as reports estimate that up to 150,000 migrants are already camped just outside the U.S. border waiting to cross. Already, seemingly endless lines of migrants are swarming up river banks and across fields into the U.S., where border patrol agents have set up field processing centers to deal with the overflow that won’t fit in detention facilities.

While these scenes are shocking, disheartening, and worrying, don't expect them to stop anytime soon.

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