Such a Sacrifice: Texas Dem Brags About Washing Her Clothes In Her Hotel Sink

Brittany M. Hughes | July 16, 2021
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Adding to the ever-mounting pile of cringe coming out of Texas Democrats’ latest dog-and-pony show, in which a handful of left-wing state legislators literally fled the state (on a booze-filled charter jet, no less) to break quorum and stymie GOP-led election integrity efforts, one Texas lawmaker is bragging about the difficult sacrifice she and her colleagues are making but holing up in Washington, D.C. taking selfies and clamoring for any shred of spotlight they can get, praising herself for…

…handwashing her bras in a hotel sink?

True story. According to Texas Democrat State Rep. Donna Howard, washing one's bras and underwear in a sink amounts to "honoring out country's heritage" by "using whatever is accessible." Which, apparently, doesn't include the Laundromats that are a dime a dozen across both D.C. and Northern Virginia.

“This is what we’re doing tonight—using whatever is accessible, uwashing (sic) our clothes in the sink,” Howard tweeted, along with a photo of a few items of wet clothing slung over the shower rod in her hotel bathroom.

The absentee lawmakers’ tweet came in response to criticism from those who pointed out that Texas Dems’ hiatus from their taxpayer-funded jobs ultimately amounts to nothing more than a “sightseeing trip” in the nation’s capital. 

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And suffice it to say, the self-aggrandizing tweet didn’t sit well with too many people, who were quick to point out the hilarity of Howard's pretending she’s basically being forced to live like a suffering pioneer woman in order to support “voter rights.”

It looks like these guys aren't making any effort to offset the absolutely terrible optics of having fled their own state - while still getting paid for the jobs they aren't actually doing - just to protest people having to show an ID at the polls. 

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