Five Cringe-worthiest Moments From Texas Dems' Publicity Stunt

Brittany M. Hughes | July 14, 2021

Texas Democrats who fled their home state to protest GOP-led election integrity laws and prevent a quorum are getting roasted on social media for their own self-congratulatory laudations – providing us with no shortage of laughter, disgust, and cringe-worthy moments as they hail their own tragically heroic, oh-so-sacrificial efforts "for the people."

Here are some of the top most head-scratching scenes from these leftists’ latest public circus.

1. When they took that selfie aboard a private jet.

It all kicked off with a photo – one showing a group of smiling, mask-less Democrats piled aboard a charter jet on their way to D.C., smiling broadly as they quite literally skipped out on their taxpayer-funded jobs.

While the moment was meant to herald in a new age of standing up “for the people,” most just found it crass – especially given the fact that ordinary Americans who can’t afford to take weeks off from their jobs still have to don masks to fly on commercial airlines.


2. When they broke out into song in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Play this in Gitmo and the terrorists will tell you anything you want to know.

3. When Texas State Rep. Gene Wu posted his “fist (sic) meal as a fugitive.”

Chicken Caesar - food of...badasses?

4. When Texas State Rep. James Talarico described the “sacrifice” he and his colleagues are making.

Just like Normandy.

5. And when Talarico admitted he wants for voters not to have to prove who they say they are.

Like, at all.

We're sure this Band of Buffoons will be the gift that keeps on giving - so be sure to stay tuned for more trainwreck moments from this group.