Study: America LESS Racist Under President Trump

Monica Sanchez | May 23, 2019
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Despite the claims of racism run rampant in the U.S., a new study finds that America has actually become less racist, not more, under President Trump.

The study conducted by University of Pennsylvania sociologists Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington followed the changing racial attitudes of a randomly-selected group of 2,500 Americans beginning in 2008. Hopkins and Washington admitted that they expected to see an increase in racist opinions under Trump, "especially among Republicans or Trump supporters," yet they were shown the complete opposite.

According to Spectator,

Americans, claim Hopkins and Washington, have actually become less inclined to express racist opinions since Donald Trump was elected. Anti-black prejudice, they found, declined by a statistically-insignificant degree between 2012 and 2016, when Trump was elected. But then after 2016 it took a sharp dive that was statistically significant. Moreover, contrary to their expectations, the fall was as evident among Republican voters as it was among Democrats. There was also a general fall in anti-Hispanic prejudice, too, although this was more evident among Democrat voters.

As to the reason for the decline in anti-black and anti-Hispanic prejudice, the researchers believe Trump’s comments on immigration and rhetoric in general has prompted people to become more self-aware, though that is not backed up by any actual research.

Another theory is that Republicans and Trump supporters may actually have real concerns not based on race, such as the economy, healthcare, and taxes. But who knows. There could be several reasons.

But that's certainly not what the media and public figures such as Hillary "deplorables" Clinton and actor Jeff Daniels would have you believe. 

(Cover Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore)
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