Jeff Daniels: If Trump Wins in 2020 'It's the End of Democracy’

Monica Sanchez | May 21, 2019
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Actor Jeff Daniels has jumped on the bandwagon of doomsday proclamations, claiming that if President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020, it will be “the end of democracy” as we know it.

Daniels in an interview with MSNBC Monday night discussed his current role as Atticus Finch in Broadway’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” saying that average Americans in the Midwest who voted for Trump may be like Atticus who is an “apologist, an enabler … who don’t know anything about this, who don’t care about this, who don’t have time for this” but now they “have to make a decision” whether there is “still compassion, decency, civility, respect for others.”

“All that stuff you guys believe in, and you still voted not for Hillary or for Trump, where are you now?” he asked. “Cause your kids are looking up to you…”  

Daniels continued, “If the big gamble is to go all the way to November 2020 … and lose, it’s the end of democracy.”

The Newsroom star went on to compare Trump rallies to mobs “where people go to take a break from their conscience.” 

“That’s what I see when I look at Trump’s rallies," he said. "That’s when I see the lies spewing at these people, and people going, ‘I gotta believe in something,’ and he said he’d bring my manufacturing job back and he didn’t … but at the end of the day, it’s race. It’s race.”

“This is about the Republican Party, or a wing of it, going, ‘This is our last chance to save the party. And if we don’t, it’s the end of the Republican Party,’” Daniels continued. “And the only way they can do that was to tap the race button and say, ‘Go ahead, it’s okay.’ And [Trump] did. And they did. And that was the only card they had left to play, and they played it. And they aren’t going to go quietly.”

So, none of the people who voted for Trump or support the president have their own thoughts on issues such as abortion, religious freedom, immigration, the economy, or national security? It's just all about "race"? They come to these "mob" rallies in search of "something" to believe in? 

That's one way to sway minds. By insulting them. 

Again going to extremes, Daniels called on Republicans in Congress to “step up” and stop being "silent" because “Democracy is at stake.”

H/T RedState