'Stay Classy #Resist' - Dean Cain, James Woods Push Back on Tonys Trump Hate

Mark Judge | June 11, 2018
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Both traditional and social media lit up after actor Robert Di Niro used a profanity to insult President Trump at the June 10 Tony Awards.

While introducing Bruce Springsten, De Niro announced, "F*ck Trump!" The audience gave the aging actor a standing ovation.

There was some resistance to the #Resistance. Superman Dean Cain simply tweeted, "Stay Classy #Resistance" with a clip of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" director John Tiffany expressing surpise at De Niro's remarks, asking the reporters gathered what they thought of De Niro. The reporters cheered.


Actress Noma Dumezweni, who plays Hermione in the "Harry Potter" stage play, told a Variety reporter that President Trump is not welcome at the show. Conservative actor James Woods had a sarcastic reply on Twitter: "Dear Mr. President, I know you’re busy trying to dismantle nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and thus further world peace, but I’m afraid I have some heartbreaking news for you..."