Sixth Grader Harassed by Fellow Students Over Global Warming Doubts

Joe Schoffstall | May 26, 2010
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Even though the state of California is in horrific economic shape and slipping even further in the wrong direction, they seem to be leading the nation in one thing time and time again; indoctrination. Within the past month, California has been the center of plenty of attention for all of the wrong reasons. As you’ll remember, the students kicked out of school for wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo took place in California. The little girl who was chastised for drawing an American flag picture while another student in the same class was praised for drawing a picture of President Obama took place in California. A case of indoctrination involving eighth graders dressed as the ‘Environmental Police Agency” (EPA) in which they were arresting ‘non-environmentalists’, not surprisingly, also took place in California. Now Ben Hesserman, a sixth grader who resides in Beverly Hills, is treated with contempt by fellow students because he doesn’t blindly sign his faith away to belief in global warming, which has quickly culmulated into a religion-esque state, and dares to question his teachers who force feed students the notion. “The other kids, they have a ring leader kind of. I’m not going to name names, but he says to other kids right in front of me, he whispers in their ears “say global warming is real on three”, and they scream “global warming is real” at me. So I say, “Why do you think that?” And they say “Cause you’re stupid”, says the sixth grader within the video.

Diane, Ben’s mother, is rightfully concerned about her son and the treatment he is receiving for sticking up for what he believes in. “I guess he feels shut out because of it. The children at school believe there is global warming and climate change- so he feels a little isolated and that he really can’t speak his about it. He certainly feels alone.” “There has not even been a hint of the other side, except coming from me and one other girl at my school. I would like ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ shown at my school, because the kids at my school have been hearing about global warming since they were in kindergarten, so they really haven’t had the chance to think otherwise. So I think it would be good to show a second opinion”, says Ben. Because of cases exactly like the above described, Phelim McAleer and Ann McEhlhinney, the directors and producers of the documentary ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ have launched the balanced-ed campaign (in which this video came from) in hopes of achieving a balanced curriculum on global warming within classrooms across the nation. Their main goal is to let students know that there is an opposing viewpoint other than the ‘sky is falling’ rhetoric being hurled by Al Gore and his ilk, which is being taught as complete fact to kids within the classroom. One of the goals of the balanced education campaign is getting “Not Evil Just Wrong” shown in every school that Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” is shown to give both sides of the debate. Having worked with Phelim and Ann on the documentary leading up to it’s premiere last year, the main objective was never to talk down or shut out opponents (which is the only play in the alarmist playbook), but rather open up discussion and have debate and to show the public that there are scientists and professors out there who don't believe it's happening. Those people, unfortunately, rarely see the light of day from the mainstream media. Their goal is to show that there is not a consensus among the scientific community that global warming is occurring and that implementing policies being pushed by proponents will have disastrous consequences, especially on the United States economy during a time when we're in a recession. While there has been significant progress in a short amount of time, there is still a long ways to go-as evident by what has been occurring over and over again in the state of California.