SICK: Sen. Warren Claims 'Abortion' Is A 'Right' Needed For 'Democracy'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 18, 2021
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American Indian princess Liz Warren (D-MA) received a law degree from Rutgers University, so either Rutgers does a very poor job vetting those it gives Juris Doctorates in Law, or she doesn’t care what the professors taught.

Or, perhaps, neither they, nor she, care about the US Constitution and the meaning of words – because she once again has shown utter disregard not only for the US Constitution, but for the danger of mob rule, and for the meaning of life, itself.

Adopting her typically puffed-up, phony veneration for neat-sounding but empty catch-phrases and deceptive terms, the leftist septuagenarian recently enjoyed attention from none other than Teen Vogue, and she took full advantage of the opportunity to push her collectivist, anti-life, anti-constitution agenda.

Calling abortion a “right,” she went on to claim:

Both voting and access to abortion are basic. They’re about the functioning of our democracy and about the protection of personal autonomy. 

Which is a deft, but dishonest, way to paint concern over secure elections as an attempt to block “voting access,” and to portray the taking of another human life as an expression of “personal autonomy.”

It would be nice if this politician and “lawyer” acknowledged the fundamental facts about life and the supposed justification for government under the US system.

Each human life begins at conception and ends whenever God decides. Supposedly, under the Lockean concept of Natural Rights on which the US government is based, the polis exists only to protect human beings from being harmed by others, and to protect human beings from having their property harmed or taken by others. Statutes are codified to punish people who encroach on those rights to life, property, and the liberty to engage in free, voluntary interaction.

If Ms. Warren doesn’t grasp that fact, let her answer these syllogistic questions:

First. Is the fetus a human being?

Yes. Upon conception a human fetus has its own DNA, distinct from both parents, and that DNA is alive, on the great continuum from origin to demise. There is no break, there is no pause, there is no moment when the individual is not its own living entity – period. It is human, and it is “being.”

Second. Does Liz Warren support statutes that punish people for harming or taking the life of another human being.

She does.

Third. Has Senator Warren not only taken an oath to abide by the US Constitution, but also accepted a position as a Senator that has been created by the specific words of the US Constitution?


Fourth. Does the US Constitution leave it to states to define capital murder crimes and how they will be punished.


Fifth. Does the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution require that all states that punish people for the taking of a human life protect all human beings equally and not exclude certain kinds of people or certain individuals from that presumed protection?


Sixth. Is the non-defensive taking of a another human life at all an act of “personal autonomy?”

No. It is, by definition, an aggressive act against another human being.

Seventh. Should, therefore, any state with statues that punish people for the aggressive, intentional taking of human lives apply their statutes to protect all human beings, including fetuses?


Eighth. Is the only area where the US government has an appropriate function in this realm the area of making sure the Fourteenth Amendment is respected by the states?


Ninth. Is Elizabeth Warren disregarding her oath to the Constitution?


These are all fundamental and easily answered questions. 

Of course, Teen Vogue never asked them.

Neither did the publication ask Warren why she assumes that the system of governance in the US is a “democracy,” when the Founding Fathers warned people that democracy was mob rule – rule that disregarded individual rights and subsumed the individual beneath the control of the collective.

As James Madison said:

Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

Greek philosopher Aristotle described the tyranny of a government run by popular rule and lacking a constitution to clearly define its limits as…


Perhaps Liz Warren never learned that at Rutgers.

Likewise, perhaps she never learned what author Ivan Obelensky wrote for DDI:

When the US Constitution was finally drafted in 1787, it was non-democratic according to the Greek definition and based on the Roman Republic model.

In volumes exposing the fallacies and dangers tied to the childish contemporary exhortation of “democracy,” libertarian philosopher Hans Hermann Hoppe has, in part, noted:

Under democracy, privileges come into the reach of everyone: everyone can participate in theft and live off stolen loot if only he becomes a public official.

Which is precisely what Elizabeth Warren is, and precisely what abortion implies.

Abortion is the theft of another person’s right to life. It makes sense that a narrow-minded worshipper of the god of “democracy” should push the idea that abortion is perfectly fine, since pushers of “democracy” either overlook the fact that majority rule crushes individual rights, or they openly advocate for the destruction of individual rights.

Either way, Warren does people a disservice spouting her politically-driven ignorance.

And Teen Vogue does readers a disservice publishing her drivel without challenging her terribly incorrect assumptions.


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