IRONY: Elizabeth Warren Celebrates Her Birthday…With Planned Parenthood

Brittany M. Hughes | June 24, 2019
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Elizabeth Warren must have skipped the class on “irony” in her reservation's 8th grade English class.

The Massachusetts senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate can be seen in a short video of herself over the weekend celebrating her birthday…with Planned Parenthood workers.

The video shows Warren surrounded by Planned Parenthood officials including Planned Parenthood Action's National Political Director Yasmin Radjy and PP President Leana Wen, who openly advocates for abortion all the way through the third trimester and supports using taxpayer funds to do it.

“What better way to celebrate my birthday than right here with Planned Parenthood?” Warren declares in the video.

She then followed up with a thank-you tweet to the abortion giant:

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s single largest abortion provider, is responsible for terminating more than 320,000 unborn babies every single year, depriving millions of souls of ever seeing their own first birthday – an irony that wasn’t lost on Twitter.


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